Welcome to Comprehensive Care Consultants online, where you will find a collection of information about our practice, its philosophy, conditions that we treat and methods we use. You will also find links to other helpful resources. You are welcome to explore the site, but please remember that by no means is the information provided here intended for your self-diagnosis or treatment. We look forward to welcoming you in our office!

We are a practice focused on care for patients with complex, difficult and treatment resistant conditions in chronic pain, psychiatry and addiction. Our goal is to achieve maximum therapeutic effect and best treatment outcomes using an integrative approach in diagnosis and treatment. We pride ourselves on combining 19th century loyalty to patients with 21st century technology. You deserve to feel good and we are happy to help!

The realm of our practice is chronic pain, addiction and mental disorders, aimed at achieving balance of body and mind (literally). Our practitioners perform comprehensive diagnosis and treatment, built on the foundation of eastern and western medicine while incorporating evidence based elements of worldwide folk medicine. Yes, our grandmas knew a thing or two about healing!

We don’t just combine treatments, we integrate them. Our practitioners look at the “big picture” and take total responsibility for your treatment plan. You may find unique and interesting objects in our office, such as leeches, deer-horn scraper, fluorescent pink and blue colored stretchy tape, aromatic oils, jade rollers and much more alongside the conventional prescription pad and a physician who does advanced manual therapy, acupuncture, psychotherapy and medication management equally well. For more information about our treatments, please visit the Treatment of Chronic Pain or Treatment of Mental Illness pages.

If you have gone from one specialist to another and are still suffering—we can help!

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Great News! We are now open on Saturdays

Have you been suffering and unable to see us due to your hectic weekday schedule? Great news! Due to popular demand, Dr. Bokarius will now see patient

The leeches are here

Hirudotherapy (Leech Therapy) is here for the treatment of chronic pain.

Multidisciplinary Approach to Treatment of Chronic Pain

Dr. Bokarius, along with his colleagues has once again presented a half day course on Multidisciplinary Approach to Treatment of Chronic Pain for ment